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Christophe Colomb Hotel *** is located in front of the Calvi Citadelle.
Find a large public car park in front of our establishment.
Calvi is served by Sainte Catherine airport, 10 minutes from the city center.
Bastia Poretta international airport is 100 km from the hotel.
You can reach this airport by train : Calvi – Ile Rousse – Ponte Leccia – Bastia Poretta.

Calvi is the capital of the micro region of Balagne and the first Cosican touristic city.
The Balagne region counts with many cities and villages of charme, ideal place for your Corsica holydays.
Besides Calvi and Ile Rousse you will discover on your way the city of Lumio, Algajola, Monticello, Urtaca, Lama, Pietralba…

Calvi est la capitale de la micro-région de Balagne, et la première ville touristique de Corse. La Balagne compte de nombreuses villes et villages de charme, idéal pour vos vacances en Corse : en plus de Calvi et Ile Rousse, vous pourrez découvrir sur votre trajet Lumio, Algajola, Monticello, Urtaca, Lama, Pietralba etc...
Reach the different place :

Calvi Ile rouse : 20 km
Calvi Saint Florent : 68 km
Calvi Bastia : 115 km via Ponte Leccia
The Balagne is welcoming a unique and verdant wild oversee with a fine sand littoral and high majestic mountain, making the West Corsican charm
Hôtel Christophe Colomb
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